Let's Plan Your Day

There’s an art to planning a great day out...

Daymaker not only helps you discover that unique event, the hip local restaurant, the beautiful hike, and the great bar nearby, but pieces them together into a perfect plan.

We handpick the best things to do in Los Angeles and our algorithm ties them together into an awesome itinerary made just for you. Keep what you like, swap what you don’t, until you’ve made a perfect day. Then hit Save and we’ll email you an itinerary that you can use on the go, including contact information and directions to all your events.

Daymaker is a small team of four working out of an office in Beverly Hills. We’re a new company, so every bit of feedback we can get really helps. If you have any questions or ideas on how we can make Daymaker better, please drop us a line at info@mydaymaker.com.